The Vanishing Half

Brit Bennett

Exploring issues of race and identity, The Vanishing Half revolves around the idea of how one's upbringing and self-identity can influence important life decisions and desires. The book is about inseparable twin sisters who are black, but light-skinned to the point that they can pass for being white. They flee their small town as teenagers, lose contact with each other shortly after, and lead very different adult lives. One sister ultimately returns home with her black daughter, while the other leads her life feigning to be a white woman with a white husband and daughter - both of whom do not know anything about her true racial identity or her past. Fate brings the sisters back together decades later through a couple plot twists.

The Vanishing Half is a timely book that is very relevant in current times. The author, Brit Bennett, does a great job confronting racial issues and gracefully layers in additional topics such as identity, colorism, and family values through the stories of supporting characters. This book is a captivating and emotional story worth reading - 10/10 would recommend.