Hi, I'm Richa! My friends, family, and colleagues always ask me for travel recommendations so I thought it might be useful to compile this information into a central location. As a result, I started this blog, called Recess, which is a creative outlet for me to share my travel highlights (and a few other things).

Majority of blogs or travel magazines I have come across either include a lot of background information that I don't care to read or do not guide readers on how to structure their days, but rather just provide bucket list attractions. So I decided to create some straightforward, easy-to-read destination guides for places I have visited. Each guide includes an itinerary that was created based on personal experience, taking into consideration anything I would have done differently. I also included helpful logistics information as well as any activities, restaurants, and accommodations that truly stood out. Where possible, I have included links to other resources that I found to be helpful for planning.

In addition to these guides, I have included some fun things in the Playground section of the website. This currently includes my curated playlists, reviews of books that I think make good vacation reads, and a "staycation series" that highlights some domestic destinations that offer plenty of social distancing options.